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Du vil her kunne finne relevante artikler, videoer og resurser for å hjelpe deg å dykke inn i verdenen om det prenatale livet, prenatal foreldrerolle og også delta i prosessen med informert samtykke..


Annie Murphy Paul, the author of "Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives", shares a powerful talk on what babies learn before they're born.


Clip from the award-winning feature documentary, IN UTERO. I this documentary we learn that from conception until birth, each of us is imprinted (genetically, biologically, psychologically) with profound aspects of the mother.

Understanding how the journey from womb to world shaped our life not only helps being able to free ourselves from the inherited patterns and beliefs we acquired while ‘marinating’ inside amniotic fluid, filled with the flavors of our mothers’ emotional life and state of mind.

Susana Lopes interview with Kate White, the Founding Director of the Education Department of APPPAH - the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.


Dr. Matthew Appleton on birth from the baby's perspective.




Dr. Thomas Verny is a psychiatrist, writer and academic. His book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child is one of the firsts on Prenatal life and he is one of the founders of APPPAH - Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health.

Dr. Matthew Appleton on making the links between our early environment during the prenatal period, birth and infancy and our relationship with the environment later in life.



Laura Uplinger is an educator in the field of conscious conception, pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding. Since the late 1970s, she has been a proponent of the powerful influence of a mother’s inner life in the formation of her baby during pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding.

Dive into the wisdom, expertise and insights of 30+ of the world’s leading experts in pregnancy, birth and early parenting and discover what’s best for you and your baby... even before birth.




A maternal bond is the relationship, the connection that exists between a mother and her child. Mother and baby bond is a vital process for the survival of the baby, and in fact for the survival of all humanity.

Now scientific research shows us that unborn babies are as vulnerable to their environment inside the womb as when they are outside the womb.

A baby who is nurtured in the womb of a healthy, loving, and tranquil mother receives the best possible start in life, and a healthy womb environment is also the foundation of the baby’s sense of care, trust, self-love, self-worth, and belonging.

The baby is learning to recognize the mother’s outside environment throught the mother’s inside signals.


Dr. Buckley has been writing and lecturing to childbirth professionals and parents since 1997, and is the author of the international best-seller Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.



Dr. Greenwald focuses on a behavioral approach to childbirth, juxtaposed with a medical one, and discusses the physical and emotional constraints associated with our current birth practices.




Ina May Gaskin talks with Lisa Reagan of Pathways to Family Wellness about her new book, Birth Matters: A Midwife's Manifesta. The video was recorded at WAMU radio after Gaskin's appearance on The Diane Rehm Show in Washington, DC, in July 2011.


Fathers feel powerless in the hospital when baby is being born and do not have a place to talk about their experience. They felt they were in a war zone and are not prepared for the changes as a result of witnessing the abuse of, and failing, their partner and baby. The Other Side of the Glass - A birth film for and about men a film by Janel Mirendah - is in voices of men.

Now Alex adds his experience of welcoming his three children to the planet with natural birth at home to his amazing and inspiring understanding of who we are on the planet, and in doing so, he brings a whole new awareness to FATHERHOOD and how we can create a harmonious planet.



Dr. Amy Gilliland, psychologist and doula, about the role of fathers at birth. What kind of support do fathers need? What does the research tell us about a father's experience of birth?





A 60 minute award-winning documentary investigating the latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth. These events could have life-long consequences for the health of our children and potentially could even impact future generations.

Birth As We Know It - a 25 minute short version of the 75 minute feature documentary. A transformative, groundbreaking, stunningly beautiful film that illuminates the impacts of conscious conception, pregnancy and natural birth.

Dr. Michel Odent talks about the role of Oxytocin and other "love cocktails" of birth.




Dr Michel Odent speaks about the needs of the woman in labor and how those in support can best help. - Part 1





Penny Simkin demonstrates why the baby's umbilical cord should not be routinely clamped and cut immediately following birth.




Frederick Leboyer is a French obstetrician, best known for his 1975 book, Birth Without Violence, which popularized gentle birthing techniques, in particular, the practice of immersing newly-born infants in a small tub of warm water — known as a "Leboyer bath" — to help ease the transition from the womb to the outside world.


The umbilical cord should not be cut until it has turned completely white and flaccid, as this is the signal that the placenta has finished its job, says Elisabeth Sæther, specialist midwife in Helse Møre and Romsdal HF, Ålesund Hospital.

The pause that the mother experiences in this moment as she studies, touches, and claims her child prompts the author to reflect in this guest editorial on ways we might be disturbing the natural sequence of birth as we deliver babies directly to their mothers’ chests.

The MidwifeThinking platform was created in 2010 with the aim of sharing free evidence-based information about birth with parents and anyone involved in providing maternity care or education.

The hour following birth is undoubtedly one of the most critical phases in the life of human beings. It is not by chance that all human groups have routinely disturbed the physiological processes in this short period of time, via beliefs and rituals. Our cultural milieus are to a great extent shaped at the very beginning of the mother-newborn interaction.

If you are preparing for birth and thinking about a cesarean, there’s likely to be a good deal of emotional tacking, from excitement at meeting your baby to varying degrees of concern, fear, even grief. The Mindful Cesarean is about being present to what is.

From global maternity care trends to helping a grandmother prepare to attend the birth of her grandchild, to the value of rhythm as an indicator of coping with labor pain, to tips for expectant parents for communicating with staff about a care plan, to basic care decisions that provide shortcuts to the most appropriate care options for each person.

A great Blog on making birth research simple and accessible. Their mission is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices.

If I and my husband were better informed we would have taken better-informed decisions, knowing the good and counter-indications of our decisions not only for me but also for my baby.


Attachment experts discuss why bonding with baby in the first few years of life is so important to a child's cognitive and emotional development.




Immediately after birth, a complex hormonal cascade of biochemical exchanges between the mother and her newborn offers never-to-be-repeated opportunities for optimal early development, all organized around their face-to-face, skin-to-skin connection (bonding).

In 2012, Dr. Greene founded the WhiteOut Now movement aimed at changing how babies are fed starting with their first bite of solid food. In 2012 he launched a worldwide campaign aimed at changing the practice of Immediate Cord Camping To Optimal Cord Clamping.

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for your baby’s first 6 months of life and then extending breast milk feeding through age 2 or beyond.



Within the first few hours after birth, most healthy newborns will instinctively move to their mother’s breast and attach on their own. This video shows early breastfeeding initiation through the journeys of 3 newborns and ways to support the practice with mothers and staff.

Interview with Erica Komisar, the author of the book Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters ! Erica Komisar, LCSW is a clinical social worker, psychoanalyst, and parent guidance expert who has been in private practice in New York City for the last 30 years.


Family for the first time is an intensive follow-up program for first-time mothers that consists of regular home visits by a family nurse from as early as possible in the pregnancy until the child turns two years old.

Regionsenter for barn og unges psykiske helse, Health Region East and South (RBUP East and South) works to strengthen the competence and quality of the services that work to promote good mental health in children and young people.

Based in Norway, this is the world's first course and coping center for abused children. In the work for a childhood without violence and abuse, our job is to be brave, uncompromising and always on the children's side.

Her finner du forskning og informasjon om optimal avnavlingspraksis og omsorg i den umiddelbare nyfødtperioden - for helsepersonell, blivende foreldre og andre interesserte.

A public-benefit educational and scientific organization offering information, inspiration, and support to medical professionals, expecting parents, and all persons interested in expanding horizons of birth psychology.

A purpose-driven organization with a mission to promote awareness about the relevance of the beginning of life, from conception, pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding, for the quality of Human Civilization.

En gruppe om å føde med støtte. Om trygge eller utrygge fødsler, kontinuerlig støtte, hjemmefødsler, sykehusfødsler eller vannfødsler.

By Susana Lopes - a reference yoga studeio dedicated to women during and after pregnancy

Learn how to achieve your ideal pregnancy and birth … and how to care for your new baby. This four-disc DVD set brings the wisdom, expertise and insights of more than 30 world-renowned experts directly to you.

What is the importance of women and men listening to their intuition and making parenting choices, beginning in the prenatal period? Stem cell biologist Bruce Lipton explains.

Dr. Thomas Verny books, professional publications and foundings have established him as one of the world's leading authorities on the effect of the prenatal and early postnatal environment on personality development.

"Primal Health Research" is a database of published scientific and medical journals that explore correlations between the 'primal period' (fetal life, perinatal period and year following birth) and health and personality traits later on in life.


Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health

David Chamberlain, PhD

The Mind of Your Newborn Baby

Windows to the Womb, Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception through Birth

Dr. Thomas Verny

The Secret Life of the Unborn Child

Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception (formerly Tomorrow's Baby)

Anne Murphy Paul

Origins, How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape The Rest of Your Life


Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Education Begins Before Birth

Laura Huxley

The Child of Your Dreams

Elizabeth Hallett


Stories of the Unborn Child

Elizabeth M Carman

Cosmic Cradle

Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

Dr. Sarah Buckley

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

 Ina May Gaskin

Spiritual Midwifery

Ina May’s guide to Childbirth

Sunni Karl

Sacred Birthing

Dr. Amali Lokugamage

The Heart In The Womb

Janet Balaskes

Active Birth

Pamela England Birthing From Within


Research based books on pregnancy and birth and the hormones of childbirth

Dr. Michel Odent

The Farmer and the Obstetrician

Primal Health

Birth and Breastfeeding

Dr. Kerstin Uvass-Moberg

The Oxytocin Factor

Susan Kuchinskas

The Chemistry of Connection

Newborn Consciousness

Dr. Marshall H. Klaus & Phyllis Klaus

Your Amazing Newborn

Wendy Anne McCarty

Welcoming Consciousness ~ Supporting Babies' Wholeness From the Beginning of Life


Marcy Axness

Parenting for Peace

Robin Grille

Parenting for a Peaceful World