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The Norwegian Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Education and Health mission is to raise awareness about the relevance of the beginning of life - conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood - to promote thriving human beings, by providing education to the general public, and also health and education professionals about:

. emerging evidence in prenatal and perinatal science and birth psychology that babies are conscious and aware and have their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after birth.

. how a mother inner world - how she perceives herself and the world around her – can shape the baby's future physical and psychological development.

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Education starts in the womb and this information has been acknowledged by ancient cultures around the world and most recently by the new researches done on neurobiology and epigenetics, showing us the impact that prenatal life and prenatal parenting have on our psychological and physical development.


Getting this information out to all youth, prospective and expecting couples, families, professionals and societies is key to ensure we give young couples and their babies the best start in life.

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Unborn babies are conscious beings, they are sensitive, they learn, react and communicate with their mother all the time. Your womb is your child's first classroom and the experiences lived inside the womb will organize your baby's physical, emotional and psychological development.

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You become a parent from the moment you start thinking about having a baby, that is when parenting really starts. Your baby is learning about the outside world through the mother's inside signals. Knowing more about how you and your environment are influencing your baby in the womb is key to give your baby the best start.

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We gather and summarize information, research and resources on conscious conception, pregnancy, uterine life, birth and parent-child relationships, empowering women and couples to participate in the informed consent process.
Learn about what experts from around the world have to say.


“I ususally claim that pregnant women should not read books about pregnancy and birth. Their time is too precious. They should, rather, watch the moon and sing to their baby in the womb”

Primal Health Research

Michel Odent, MD

“Findings point to the time shortly before conception to after birth as the most sensitive and critical period in establishing patterns in all areas of our life; physical, mental, emotional, and relational.”

From Womb to the World

Anna Verwaal, RN, CLE

“Awake or asleep, the studies show, they (unborn children) are constantly tuned in to their mother’s every action, thought, and feeling.”


Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception

Thomas Verny, MD


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