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The Norwegian Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Education and Health mission is to raise awareness about the relevance of the beginning of life - conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood - to promote thriving human beings, by providing education to the general public, and also health and education professionals about:

. emerging evidence in prenatal and perinatal science and birth psychology that babies are conscious and aware and have their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after birth.

. how a mother inner world - how she perceives herself and the world around her – can shape the baby's future physical and psychological development.

The Norwegian Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Education and Health comprehends this prenatal and perinatal phases of life as the first fundamental stages of a human being, being inseparable from the pregnant mother, and her enviroment, to form a continious physical and psycological dialogue, that will influence the baby for the rest of her/his life.

Such information enables young people to act responsibly and future parents to offer their unborn child the very best basis for optimal development.

We want to bring this knowledge to fundamentally improve the pregnancy and birth culture in Norway and the World. The Norwegian Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Education and Health also builds networks with similar organizations that work for parents and families' conditions in Norway and is a politically and religiously independent organization.


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We consider ourselves part of the “welcome committee” of babies. We believe that we can change the world if we change the way we bring new human beings into this world. Our goal is to gather and disseminate information about the importance of prenatal life for the integral development of the human being and promote a more fraternal society, bringing this knowledge to everyone.

We seek to reach young people to awaken to this knowledge, with prospective parents feeling able to encourage the proper physical and psychological development of their children.

Our goal is that every person be conscious of the power inherent in us during conception and pregnancy to create and inspire the new generation yet to be born.

In support to this, the association has a wide range activities: 

Promote campaigns and educative programs for social education promoting prenatal life and prenatal parenting

• Lectures, workshops and seminars on prenatal education, encouraging:
          • the growth and harmony of the baby, the mother, and the family unit
          • the health and quality of the prenatal period
          • a safe birth and baby's care

Support relevant research on pregnancy, uterine life and parent-child relationships

Encourage other organizations, institutions and health centers to disseminate information on parental life, prenatal parenting and birth

The education of the child can begin during the prenatal period through nurturing attention from the parents, especially through the power of the mother's creative care, protection and love.


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We live in times of unprecedented change and scientific knowledge that present great challenges for new families. However, we also have an unparalleled opportunity for making a positive change in society. Science is very clear about the importance of the prenatal period on the development of a baby, and how critical are the experiences that a mother lives during conception, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Awareness is greater and more powerful than ever before.

We can redefine our relationship with our own maternal nature, and we can do this by working together. We love collaborations with individuals, businesses and other organizations – whether locally or on a global level – that help us share our mission and also useful and interesting information to all families!

 This is how you can partner with us:

Promote our information on your website, social media or network of influence

Share your work, experience and knowledge on our website and our social media

Once you become our partner we will be featuring special highlights - through our  newsletter, website and social networks.

To know more on how we can work together send us an email to susana@prenatalogperinatalutdanning.no


susana lopes Norsk Forening For Fødsels og Foreldreforberedelse

Susana is the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Education and Health. She is also a prenatal educator, prenatal and postnatal yoga and pilates teacher, author, speaker and advocate for pregnant moms and their conscious babies for over 15 years.  

In her daily life, she guides women to effectively release stress and anxiety from their body and improve their overall health and connection with their baby, helping them to feel more calm, relaxed and confident on their motherhood journey, so they can enjoy and live a healthy pregnancy.

susana@prenatalogperinatalutdanning.no | Tel. 0047 486 47 025

ELISABETH SÆTHER Norsk Forening For Fødsels og Foreldreforberedelse

Elisabeth is a midwife with 15 years of experience from both pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care. She works daily as a professional midwife at the Maternity / Maternity Section in Ålesund / Helse Møre og Romsdal.

She is passionate about giving all newborns and parents as optimal a start as possible, by supporting the physiological and natural birth process and avoiding unnecessary interventions. She also gives lectures and workshops on various topics related to this. Presently she is pursuing her PhD and is the Consultant of our organization.